Derek Holland goes 8 innings, allowing just one run on three hits, and the Rangers won 2-1, evening the weekend series in Anaheim. By virtue of Houston falling to Minnesota on Saturday, Texas is back to within 2 games in the West.

Here's a fun use of arbitrary endpoints: since September 2nd, 2014 -- spanning 10 starts and 67.1 IP -- Holland sits with a 1.87 ERA and a K/UIBB ratio of roughly 7:1 (50 K's to only 7 BB's). Based strictly on his ability to punch hitters out, Derek's numbers don't scream TORP over that stretch. I don't think anyone would confuse him as such right now. But if we're talking about the fundamental objective of pitching -- i.e. eliminating contact via the strikeout, and limiting free passes with plus control -- Holland has recently proven to be a strong #2 starter when he's been healthy. 10 starts isn't a relevant enough sample size to draw any definitive conclusions, but at this stage I'm not sure there's a better second starter of all the American League postseason contenders.