Homefield Disadvantage

Number one seed in the American League, huh?

To the victor goes the spoils.  

Or not, I guess.

Despite having the best record in the American League, Texas has been dealt an unfriendly hand in the postseason, once again being slotted with the early slot times for their home playoff games, with game one of the ALDS starting at 3:30 and game two starting on Friday at noon.  

Fantastic advantage, huh?

Oh, and the Blue Jays get to have their first home game at night on Sunday, with their raucous crowd having all day to drink in preparation for drunkenly yelling slurs and throwing beers at the opposing team?  

Nothing is equal to the power of the almighty dollar and the Red Sox or the Cubs in primetime sing the familiar tune of money that MLB is looking for. Plus, as we all know, Cleveland-Boston is such a classic rivalry and their hatred for each other is much more interesting than anything going on between Texas and Toronto.  

Oh well; at least Texas will get a solid umpiring crew with the importance of this series.

Wait…….Joe West?????


Jays in 4.