Cactus League: The Rangers Are 6-2

How's that for getting the game on TV?

  • Nick Martinez wasn't sharp. At all. Martinez never got an out in the 3rd inning en route to giving up 7 earned runs on 7 hits and a walk. I wouldn't say he knocked himself out of 5th starter consideration, but outings like this certainly can't help.
  • Ian Desmond finally received his first fielding opportunity out in left field. He promptly lost the ball in the sun. To be fair, both teams seemed to be battling the sun from that angle, so it can't be fun knowing the ball is headed your way but having no idea where it is.
  • On the offensive side, Desmond had a nice day, going 2-for-3 with a run scored.
  • Elvis Andrus continues to have himself a nice camp. He hit a RBI single that looked perfect. Also, with this being the first game on TV thus far, I noticed that he's got a new pre-pitch bat flick going on -- it's much more pronounced, unless I'm crazy -- and it almost feels like he's approaching pitches more aggressively.
  • Starting pitchers didn't fare too much better in the minor league game today. Martin Perez allowed 3 earned runs on 4 hits and a walk in 2 innings pitched. Cole Hamels gave up 2 runs in 3 innings -- as well as a triple -- during his turn. Nothing to panic about, but since we're all about information, there it is.