Report: Rangers Interested in Jonathan Lucroy

It's not necessarily news, but it's something that's been talked about here before, and Ken Rosenthal is once again reporting that the Rangers still have interest in catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

As I've mentioned recently, I don't think a deal will happen anytime soon. The Brewers are obviously going to set any asking price on the assumption that Lucroy will be closer to the 6.1 WAR player he was in 2014 than the 1.1 WAR player he was in 2015.

For the Rangers, Robinson Chirinos has quietly turned into a solid catcher. He's been worth 3.8 WAR over the last two seasons in 171 games, and has shown himself to have a strong arm for catching would-be base stealers.

Both Lucroy and Chirinos dealt with injuries in 2015, so there's a bit of speculation that is involved in deciding which player could be more valuable in 2016. For me, I'd venture to guess that Lucroy would be at least a small upgrade over Chirinos, but for the cost it would take for Texas to get him right now, it's a bit unrealistic.

Of course, "remaining interested" and "in talks" are two totally separate ideas, and it appears that at least based on Rosenthal's tweet that we're a bit closer to the former than the latter.

Should Lucroy be on the trading block at the trade deadline in the midst of a solid season, this could all change, particularly if Texas is a move or two away from being over-the-top in the AL West. Until then, I can't imagine that any deal would make a ton of sense for Texas.