Cactus League: The Rangers Are 5-1

It may be Spring Training, but it's always fun to beat the A's, right?

  • Derek Holland had a nice 3-inning outing in which he didn't give up any earned runs on 3 hits, a walk, and 2 strikeouts. He did end up allowing a run-scoring single after an error.
  • Nomar Mazara had yet another hit today. His Spring Training OPS is now 1.357, and that's without counting the intrasquad game last week.
  • Joey Gallo managed to work another walk today, and didn't have any strikeouts. It's the small things.
  • Elvis Andrus was 2-for-3 on the day, and is quietly putting together a solid camp. His OPS now sits at 1.445. Small sample size, but still nice to see.
  • Ryan Rua, who I talked about this morning, had another hit, a double. He appears to be determined to make it fairly difficult on the Rangers to leave him off of the Opening Day roster. To be honest, if he keeps this up, I can't imagine that he doesn't at least get serious consideration for the fourth outfielder job.