Perspective, Funding, and Planning Ahead

To make room for tonight's starter, AJ Griffin, the Rangers DFAed Justin Ruggiano.  

Justin Ruggiano, who signed after the Josh Hamilton's latest injury was announced, for $1,650,000. 

$1.65 million. 

That's more than Rougned Odor, Delino Deshields, and Sam Dyson combined ($1,565,100 total). 

Seems like a horrible idea, right?  Especially for a team that has Ryan Rua, who can do much of the same thing as Ruggiano, while also playing first base (but has options remaining). 

The Rangers now have 10 days to release, trade, or outright him to the minors.  This is normally the point in which a player gets his release, however........Jon Daniels. 

When Ruggiano signed on December 17, the plan was for Justin to be the RH partner in a LF platoon with Josh Hamilton.  In designing the contract, JD included a $500,000 minor league split, which would be forfeited if Ruggiano elects free agency over his minor league assignment. In doing this, both parties find themselves in a situation where a veteran player accepting an assignment to the minors is beneficial.  

I don't think we have seen the last of Ruggiano and I believe that he will provide valuable insurance as the season goes on (remember how desperate the Rangers were for a right handed bat before last season's trade deadline?). 

The moral of the story?

There is a plan.  Have faith.  We are four games in and there is no reason to panic or overthink, there are people who have done the thinking for us.  

The bullpen has struggled.  The offense has struggled more.  

You know what?

It will be ok.  

The offense will come around.  The bullpen is too good to struggle for too long; small sample size and it is too early in the season for Banister to be changing roles in the pen without looking completely wishy washy.  

After four games, it's time for a little perspective.  Calm down, enjoy the show, and appreciate the most balanced planning since 2011.  

Four out of one hundred and sixy two.  We will be ok.