The Rangers Are 22-16

Well, that escalated quickly.

  • In case you missed it, the Rangers came back from behind to win 7-6, and took the series from the Toronto Blue Jays. This, of course, won't end up being the big takeaway from this game.
  • In the top of the 8th inning, after getting a lead, Matt Bush sent a 98 mph fastball that hit Jose Bautista in the ribs. It's unclear whether or not it was intentional, but given the game situation, it'd be odd if it had been. Bautista initially looked ready to charge the mound, but apparently though better of it and went down to first base.
  • He didn't, however, thinking better of trying a takeout slide on Rougned Odor on a double play ball. Of course, Blue Jays fans will swear Odor was in the wrong. Rangers fans will swear Bautista was in the wrong. Odor clocked Bautista pretty solidly on the jaw before Adrian Beltre managed to step in and wrap his fellow countryman up to prevent him from enduring anymore facial damage.
  • Was Odor over the top? Probably. Am I surprised it took this long for Rougned Odor to get into an actual fight in the bigs? Very. That said, it's the price Bautista has to be willing to pay for constantly playing with his emotions on his sleeve. Forgetting the bat flip in last year's playoffs, he's constantly seen acting like petulant child when things don't go his way, and overall, it just isn't fun to watch him play. So yeah, when he goes in hard to take a guy out at second base, I don't really have a problem if that player has something to say about it. Even if it did go a bit far.
  • And now, the downside: Odor is almost certainly looking at some sort of suspension when the dust from all of this settles. That sucks.
  • Now that the whole ballpark cheered for a player getting the crap knocked out of him, Toby Mac, a Christian hip-hop artist, is putting on a post-game concert. You can't make this stuff up.