The Rangers Are 22-18

Well, chalk another loss up to terrible bullpen management by Jeff Banister.

  • I really don't have many words for this one. I had an entirely different game story written here, but it went out the window because Shawn Tolleson happened.
  • There's been an argument among the Tolleson faithful that his terrible numbers were inflated by "one poor outing" early in the season. And yet, here we are past the midpoint of May, and Tolleson has a 9.02 ERA. His FIP is 7.05. If it weren't for the "save" statistic, Tolleson would not only never be utilized in high-leverage situations, he'd be lucky to find a job with a big league club.
  • And yet, here is is. Banny keeps trotting him out there to close out close games, despite all the evidence saying he's not a good pitcher right now, let alone a good "closer". There's nothing to suggest he should be used in high-leverage situations, but Jeff Banister very well might be the last guy to realize it. And it's already cost his team four wins. Just off the top, this team could easily be 25-15 right now, but their manager -- who insisted early on that there were no "set roles" in the bullpen -- continues using set roles.
  • I just can't reach back for anything but frustration right now. The manager isn't supposed to win you games, but he's not supposed to lose them either. Right now, Jeff Banister is holding the Rangers back, and that's not something I thought I'd say 6 months ago.