Adrian Beltre Wasn't Thrilled with Shawn Tolleson

Last night's walk-off loss to the Oakland A's on a Khris Davis grand slam was possibly one of the worst ways to watch your favorite team lose a game.

It's made even more gut-wrenching by the fact that almost all of Rangers Twitter knew what was coming before it happened. Suffice to say, Shawn Tolleson hasn't been very good in 2016. His 9.20 ERA looks ugly enough, and an FIP of 7.05 wouldn't seem to indicate he's been much better. Opponents have a wOBA of .443 against him.

Perhaps Tolleson's biggest supporter, Jeff Banister, has been seen during his Rangers tenure as a manager that gets the most out of his guys. Part of that, it's argued, is that he'll continue to have faith in his players to come through.

Of course, having faith in a slumping hitter to snap out of it and having faith in a reliever suddenly not, you know, throwing meatballs... well, that's something else entirely. So you'd have to imagine that some of the players would be getting a bit irritated with the bullpen issues, and perhaps Shawn Tolleson in general. And if you thought that, you'd be right. After Khris Davis hit the walk-off shot, he began walking off the field. As he did so, Adrian Beltre could be seen -- looking exactly zero amused -- staring Tolleson off toward the Rangers dugout.

And Adrian Beltre is probably the last guy on the team you want irritated at you.