Gut Punches

Losses are never easy. 

There are close losses, there are blowout losses, there are expected losses, there are losses on a bad call, there are losses on an error, there are losses on heroic homeruns, there are losses in games that your team had no business even being in. 

Then, there is whatever the hell happened last night.  

The beauty of it though? Every single one of those losses counts exactly the same. 


Every single loss goes down as one in the L column, no matter how brutal, no matter how gut wrenching, no matter if its a beating or  close, every single one is weighed the same and the team lives to play another day.  Good teams show their true colors after their toughest losses.  Yesterday was a tough loss and this is a damn good team, and no matter how frustrating that was to watch, there is still a chance to win the series and keep plugging along at this unbelievable pace. 

If you think that loss was frustrating for us, imagine being in that clubhouse? I bet no one was as upset about it as Diekman and Bush, and I bet no one in that clubhouse had a single bad thing to say about them.  They have been lights out, and, over a 162 game season, everyone is due an off night. 

Diekman looked tired last night.  He just didn't have his full velocity and had issues locating his sweeping lefty stuff.  He seemed to have a similar issue in his last time out against the Reds, which has resulted in Jake giving up 5 runs total in his last two appearances.  Even with these poor back to back outings, Diekman still sports a 2.86 ERA and a 0.92 WHIP on the season.  

He will be just fine. 

For the first time all season, it looked as if the moment caught up to Matt Bush just a little bit.  It is impossible to expect any rookie pitcher to not have a bit of nerves, but beyond ridiculous to expect someone coming from his background to not have a hiccup from time to time.  He looked nervous, he was sweating, he was not working at this standard comfortable pace, which led to him overthrowing and missing his spots with a relatively straight fastball.  

He will be just fine too.  Putting Bush in moments like that can result in a few rough spots now in exchange for preparing him to be in huge moments come October (and maybe even November, if Texas plays their cards right). 

Banister put together a lineup that scored seven runs last night and the bullpen could not hold the lead.  That's not on Banister.  I have absolutely no issue with resting Dyson and think that he needs less work moving forward.  My only gripe there is the nights where Dyson pitched in the past with a 5 or 6 run lead that have led to the moment where he is unavailable in a true save situation.  

Regardless of the frustration, the team still has the best record in the AL. The team still has a 10 game division lead.  The team still gets to play again today.  Rougie will still be hopping around in front of the dugout, Beltre will still be leading, Andrus will still be on the top step, Profar will still be smiling, and Prince will still.......well, nevermind. 

162 games.  On to the next.