Carlos Gomez's Rough Season Encapsulated in One At-Bat

Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez is having a rough season. If not for providing some defensive value and having less plate appearances, he'd likely be in competition with Prince Fielder for the "worst player in baseball" title.

On the season, Gomez now sports an OPS of .511, which is in fact worse than Fielder's .553. As just a hitter, he's definitely been worse. So in the top of the sixth inning, it was only fitting that Gomez had the type of at-bat that painted the picture of his entire season.

First, Gomez took a big rip at an 0-1 slider.

Tripping all over the place isn't new in baseball. Adrian Beltre does similar things all the time, and as Rangers fans, we find it hilarious. But the real hilarity had yet to begin. You see, after miraculously watching strike three actually get called ball two, Gomez had a 2-2 count and found himself a pitch to drive at which point Carlos decided to bat flip and pimp the hell out of a home run.

...Except that he didn't hit a home run. The ball didn't even make it to the warning track. And we got to see the expression on his face change so suddenly.

Add in post-game comments from Ken Giles about how the Astros have a lot more talent than "those guys", and it makes for some great comedy.