Rangers at Twins: Series Preview

So, I have this friend, who was in my wedding that one time I accidentally got married (I got better), who is a Yankees fan and has been living in Minnesota for years.  About a month ago, he and his lovely wife moved to Dallas.  His baseball life has basically the integration of this week in Texas Rangers baseball.  Even stranger: before moving to Texas, he and his wife were blessed to become parents of...............twins.............Minnesota Twins as a matter of fact.

Which segues us onto our topic du jour: Twins. 

In the 1300's, the Catholic church believed that when twins were born, it was a sign of witch craft and that in likelihood, one of the twins was inherently evil and should be destroyed. 

In 1930's Germany, Dr. Joseph Mengele performed medical experiments on 1,000 sets of twins, attempting to understand their genetic makeup in order to develop a process that would resulting in a quicker multiplication of the Arian race.  All but 200 of those twins died during the trials. 

Since 1980, the birth rate of twins in the United States has increased 76%.  Since September 1 of last year, the Minnesota Twins have lost 76% of their games. 

Moral of the story? 

Life could be WAY worse than losing back to back walkoffs to the Yankees. 

Keep it together, Rangers faithful.  

The Texas Rangers still have the best record in the American League, still have an 8.5 game lead, and still have one of the most entertaining lineups in all of baseball.  Are there areas which need improvement?  Absolutely, but the reaction to those losses was beyond ridiculous. 

For real, in real life, these are actual words written by angry Rangers fans on the internet after losing two games to the Yankees, in June, to cut the division lead to 8.5 games (names and Twitter handles redacted to protect the innocent........errrr........idiotic):

"Starting to not like this Rangers team. Hate watching chokers."

"Awful performance by the bullpen again! Embarrassing!" 

"DFA Chirinos. Absolutely awful attempt to catch it. He does care about this team"

"Be sure to point out that right before the passed ball, Robby tapped the ground, he wanted it there.  Irresponsible pitch calling."

What in the entire world is wrong with you people?  

Chokers? This team leads MLB in comeback victories.

Awful BP performance? They allowed one run in 4 innings. 

DFA Chirinos? I'm guessing maybe you don't know what DFA means. 

Irresponsible pitch calling? Should all pitches be up in the zone during big situations? What in the world?

Things are fine.  Yes, the bullpen needs help, yes, the team needs another starting pitcher, but this team is nowhere close to peaking, the main issue with the bullpen is overuse, and the sky is not actually falling. 




With that said, the Rangers now get a series that will pit the worst record in the AL against the best, You have to like Texas' odds here, particularly with Perez and Hamels pitching in two of the three games. 

For Minnesota, they get back young power hitter Miguel Sano today from a long DL stint, who, despite some mental lapses, has legit power and can provide enough offense to win a game with just one swing of the bat.  

For Texas, Prince Fielder (yes, actual Prince Fielder) is swinging a hot bat since Banister sat him down for his "unplugging".  His 11 game hit streak came to an end yesterday, but during that streak, Prince hit .368 with a 1.047 OPS.  If that man can even be replacement level, then this lineup becomes much scarier. 

Three games against the Twins may just be what this fan base needed (especially those who are also Mavs fans).  Enjoy your holiday weekend, and remember, even if the Rangers lose a game or two, being a Texas fan is not that bad (this year).