Musings of an Idiot: Post-Trade Deadline Edition


Things happened. Yesterday was big.

While looking through the world of Twitter, Facebook, and even the comments on this page, it seems like a number of Rangers fans are still very angry about a variety of things, including, but not limited to:

The lack of starting pitching acquisitions.

Elvis Andrus still being a Texas Ranger

Sam Dyson still being the closer.

Robinson Chirinos being alive.

Bobby Wilson gettin DFAed.

Nomar Mazara being in the lineup.

Not trading for Andrew Miller.

Not cutting Joey Gallo.

This fan base is freakin’ strange and I think a breathalyzer should be required before people are allowed to get angry online.

The Texas Rangers won the trade deadline, keeping the majority of their young player base while drastically improving this year’s lineup.  Let’s break down each one of the above mentioned complaints one by one.

The lack of starting pitching acquisitions: I agree, I really wish that Texas could have at least grabbed a middle of the road starter here, but when it comes down to it, the price just was not right.  The ask for Chris Sale was insane (Mazara, Profar, Gallo, and others), Tampa didn’t actually seem really set on the idea of moving Archer, and JD just couldn’t find his way to back door into a deal.  The one name I saw mentioned on Twitter repeatedly was Francisco Liriano, but in all reality, he is struggling and unable to throw strikes, and well, we can already do those things.  Let’s just hope Harrell can make it out of the 4th inning and the Band-Aides can hold until Holland and Lewis return (BTW, Dutch makes his first rehab start on Friday, so help in some form is on the way).

Elvis Andrus still being a Texas Rangers:  “His contract is ridiculous!”  “Insane errors on simple plays. Ship that out” “Too much playing around, he doesn’t care about winning”  

To put this in the simplest terms available, Adrian Beltre is the foundation on which this team is built, but Elvis Andrus is the mortar holding this entire thing together.  He is the clubhouse, he is the leader, he is the glue.  Not only that, but he is having a career year, doing more at the plate than he ever has, and his enhanced footwork around the bag has resulted in Texas leading MLB in double plays turned.  His contract is not ridiculous, or anything close.  He is at a premium position, making $15 million a year, sporting a 2.2 WAR.  Stop the hate here, this team would not be the same without Elvis.

Sam Dyson still being the closer:  Yes, Sam had some struggles before the All Star break.  Yes, Sam is not your typical closer. Dyson was severely overworked before the break, he did not have nearly enough rest between appearances, and appeared in enough games to make any normal human’s arm fall off.  Dyson is a fantastic reliever.  With that said; so is Jeffress.  Here’s the thing though: Jeffress is also not your normal closer.  The Texas bullpen is now as strong as it has ever been and I do wish that Banny would move away from traditional roles as he promised to do last year, but in the meantime, we are in fantastic shape.

Robinson Chirinos still being alive:  Why do so many people hate Chirinos so much?  I just don’t get it.  No, he will never be an All Star.  Yes, there are plenty of catchers better than him.  But you know what?  The dude isn’t bad.  He comes up clutch in big spots, the team likes him, and it seems as if he would do anything for the sake of the team.  Now that he is in the role of backup catcher, he will be a perfect fit and can still do so much to help the Rangers continue to get better.

Bobby Wilson getting DFAed:  I get it, Bobby had some clutch hits early in the year when #RangersCatcherMagic was still a thing.  However, over the last month, that magic has gone away, and Bobby has looked lost at the plate.  The Rangers just picked up the best catcher in baseball not named Buster, so it made little sense to keep Bobby on the 25-man, wasting a roster spot on a third catcher (we’ve already tried that out this year).  I like Bobby, he seems like a genuinely good dude, but this is a business, and difficult moves must be made.

Nomar Mazara being in the lineup:  I seriously saw multiple people on Rangers Facebook saying that Banny was killing Texas by keeping Nomar in the lineup.  Yes, he hit the rookie wall and has a cold month of June, but the 21 year old is heating back up, hitting .307 over his last ten games.  Nomar has been the anti-Rougie at the plate, often watching pitches that he should be crushing, but in all fairness, pitchers have been given an extended outside corner against him all season, something that could be attributed the change in eye level caused by his open stance.

Not trading for Andrew Miller:  Andrew Miller was the crown jewel of the reliever market, but his price was absolutely insane.  What Cleveland paid for Miller should have yielded a TORP, not a reliever.  I just have trouble with the idea of trading away top position players who can effect games on a daily basis for a closer, who plays such a small (yet important) role.  Cleveland traded away two of their top three prospects and four total of their top five to acquire him.  Would you have given up Gallo, Brinson, Guzman, and Tate for a reliever?  I don’t think so.

Not cutting Joey Gallo: This was an actual thing I heard from multiple people.  Stop it already.  Gallo’s K rate at troubles at the big league level worry me as much as the next person, but the idea that such a young player with such a small sample size is a bust is absolutely insane.  Calm down. Will Joey be an All Star?  I have no idea, but there is absolutely no reason to consider cutting him or giving him away, and the idea that “he can never cut it at this level” is beyond ridiculous.  Be patient; he is a kid, and by the way, comparing him to Adam Dunn is not a bad thing.  I would happily take 462 career homeruns from Gallo.

Hold tight, Rangers fans.  Your favorite team just added two All Stars and a closer to a squad that already had a 6 game lead.  

Good things are happening.