Injured Salvation

When I first saw that Adrian Beltre is out for three weeks for a strained calf, which he injured while working out at home, my first thought was "oh no, here we go again". 

It seems as if year after year, the Rangers experience some form of major preseason injury: Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, all things Hamilton; the list goes on and on. 

However, after looking into this one, things are not all bad. 

From early reports from Surprise, it seems as if this is a rather minor tweak and the aging future Hall of Famer is just being more cautious than anything else.  I, like many of you, hold my breath every time Beltre tries to stretch a single into a double, in fear that his hamstring or calf will explode.  This does not seem like one of those injuries. 

With that said, here is the important part: 

It now looks like Beltre will miss the WBC, which may be less fun for him, but a blessing for the Rangers clubhouse.  

In all honesty, an antsy, fired up Beltre in the dugout might be better for all of the young Rangers players attending spring training than anything else.  The man is a fountain of knowledge and a wealth of experience, and with the large number of Rangers' veterans attending the WBC, Adrian's presence in Surprise might have a much more long-term effect than any of the reps he could be getting on the field.  

As it turns out, not all injuries are bad.