So You Don't Like the New Broadcast Crew

Three games into the 2017 season, a hot topic on Twitter has been the state of the newly-revamped television broadcast.

Specifically, Emily Jones has taken on a larger role that was once reserved for Jim Knox, Dave Raymond is your everyday play-by-play guy, and C.J. Nitkowski joined the fold as a color commentator.

Tom Grieve will presumably still be involved in broadcasts during the season, but for now, the opening series of the season was mostly a blend of new with just a hint of familiarity in Emily Jones. And the response has been varied. Some love the change, others hate it and want the old broadcast back.

Now, I've made my opinions about Nitkowski public in the past. He seems like a well-spoken and intelligent former ballplayer. My only gripe has always been his insistence on "former MLB players" being a group that somehow holds more weight in baseball discussions.

That being what it is, I've found him to be at least refreshing compared to the normal goofball takes that come with Tom Grieve. As with any baseball broadcast, you're going to have lulls in the action where "filler" conversation is necessary. And Dave Raymond, who will only get better as time goes on, could afford to be a bit more enthusiastic at times. But again, that will improve.

For years, the Rangers were just another baseball team. With a noted lack of real success, the target audience was just different. And so things like "Cookie Talk" probably played well with those audiences. Approaching nearly a decade of sustained success, however, I'm just not sure that formula works anymore. So the more time goes by, the more I'm good with the change.

Still dead-set against it? Then I'll just leave this here from the eighth inning of a tie game against Seattle in 2014.