The Rangers are 25-24

Rougned Odor is 55.6% on stolen base attempts for his career. Either his coaches keep telling him to run, or he does it on his own without consequence. Considering the break-even point is between 70-75% depending on the base-out scenario in play, there’s no excuse for Rougned Odor to ever attempt to steal. Not with basically five years of data.

This is unconscionable and irresponsible no matter whose fault it is. And this is all I have to say about tonight’s loss after Elvis was robbed of a chance to give the Rangers a lead because sir-punch-a-lot can’t just stand on first base and either not get caught stealing or avoid getting picked off.

That doesn’t even mention that he’s actually not a very good hitter and his relay throw allowed the tying run to score. But sure, let’s keep trying to get Rougned Odor “right”. Glad Danny Santana is sitting.