Gerry Fraley wants to see some action

Gerry Fraley supports professional pitchers throwing small, round projectiles coming in at high velocity at grown men. 

He admits as much in an article he wrote a couple days ago, a piece I imagine he multitasked while throwing darts at a large poster of Jon Daniels's face.

This is verbatim:

What he said: "The Rangers crossed paths with Ian Kinsler again on Wednesday night. In what could become the epitaph of their season, nothing happened."

What he meant: The stupid Rangers suck and they aren't giving me anything to write about this season.

What he said: "Kinsler played nicely and did not taunt, tease or incite his former team while reaching base four times and scoring twice. The Rangers pitchers minded their manners and did not disturb Kinsler or anyone else during an 8-6 loss to Detroit at Globe Life Park."

What he meant: Trololololol.

What he said: "The Rangers’ losing streak reached seven games. The Rangers lost seven straight last September while falling out of sight in the American League West."

What he meant: Yes! This team is finally losing again. What is this, three in a row now? Wait, seven?! Seven is good. Real good. Now how can I make seven sound really bad? I know! I'll mention another time they lost seven games in a row when they fell out of the race last year! Oh yeah. That sounds real bad. Good one, Gerry. 

[He talks to himself in the third person. Obviously.]

What he said: "Kinsler has had nine plate appearances since waving into his old dugout after a first-inning homer on Tuesday. For whatever reason, the Rangers have not come close to retaliating, even when there was a clear opportunity."

What he meant: Stupid Rangers. Why couldn't you just throw the stupid baseball at Ian Kinsler like you were supposed to? Do you see what you've done? Now I have nothing to write about. So instead I have to come up with an entire article about how you were being a bunch of Nancy's because you didn't have the onions to retaliate against that little twerp. I need stories, guys!

I can't be certain of the accuracy in my paraphrasing skills, but coming from someone who, too, used to be an aspiring writer and lost his fire along the way, I imagine I'm within point-blank range.

Fraley basically projects his frustration about the Rangers' season in the opening sentence: "Nothing happened." Nothing is happening. That's no fun for journalists. 

That's all besides the point, though. The really troubling part of this article is Fraley's insinuation that the Rangers failed -- as men -- to teach Ian Kinsler a lesson after he showed them up the night before by waving his hand at them. I get that retaliating against hitters is supposed to be "part of the game," but that doesn't make it defensible. 

It's just a lazy excuse to see some sport.

What Ian Kinsler did was a punk move, but it's things like that that made him my favorite baseball player while he was in Texas, so I'm not going to flip on him for it. I bet it felt damn good to hit that home run in his first at bat back in The Ballpark. Is it really something he deserved to get hit over? 

Mostly, it doesn't make any sense for the Rangers to get involved in any beef right now. It may make Fraley's job a little easier for a couple days, but all it would accomplish is showing how pathetic a bunch of professionals can look when their feelings get hurt on a baseball field. 

To that end, I'm glad nothing happened. And I'm proud of the Rangers for not succumbing to these ridiculous unwritten rules.