An Update on Jurickson Profar

It's been a really bad season for Jurickson Profar. He may not have had bad season on the field, but the fact that he hasn't even had a season due to a shoulder injury might just be worse from a developmental perspective.

That's why today's checkup, reported by Evan Grant, might just end up being one of the most positive developments of the 2014 season in regards to 2015. Profar will undergo a followup MRI on his shoulder to determine how well it has healed.

Assuming all goes well, he may be cleared to begin swinging a bat. The idea is to get him geared up to get some action in the Arizona Fall League.

A healthy Profar in 2015 might be one of the most important pieces to the Rangers returning to contender status. Before his injury, he was projected to be about a 2.7 WAR player, which would certainly be and upgrade over the replacement-level production the club has had from the 2nd base position this year.

So, with that said, cross your fingers for good news.