Thursday Morning Fun

It's a day game today, so I figured it'd be a nice time to have a bit of fun. I came across this on YouTube last night and couldn't help but share:

Today we have Derek Holland against Hiroki Kuroda on the mound. The Rangers will attempt to win their first series since before the All-Star break and hope that the Angels find a way to beat Oakland.

That game won't be played until 9:05, and the Angels have former Ranger C.J. Wilson on the mound. For the first time in a long time, I wish him luck. He's been pitching well as of late, giving up only 2 earned runs in his last 4 starts, so hopefully the trend continues. Then again, there's always Josh Hamilton and his box-of-chocolates approach at the plate, in which case, maybe I shouldn't put too much faith in the Angels after all.