Geovany Soto: Unlikely Hero

It took until the 6th inning to finally score for the first time since the 8th inning on Friday in Cleveland. It was the bottom of the 9th before A.J. Pierzynski hit a game-tying home run. After David Murphy grounded into (another) double play and with Geovany Soto coming to the plate, I -- as well as many others I'm sure -- began preparing my mind for extra innings. Extra innings have killed this team thus far in 2013, and I wasn't looking forward to it.

Then Soto worked the count 3-0. Then it was 3-2, and with the payoff pitch, Soto turned on it and hit it 366 feet into the left field bleachers. In a sense, even though you don't normally like seeing the team take this long to win the game, in this case, it might have been a good thing. The reaction of the fans and players filled the ballpark with more energy than has been displayed by the team in weeks.

It's only one win, and they'll play another tomorrow. Chances are, they'll still be 6 back of the Oakland A's in the AL West. Nonetheless, winnings streaks can't start until you win the first one, and in doing so, maybe, just maybe, the Rangers managed to inject some energy into the clubhouse. The Angels threw everything they had, including ace Jered Weaver, and in the end, the Rangers found a way to win.

While the weekend was indeed brutal, it's starting to look like maybe Cleveland is better than advertised right now. That, combined with some poor baseball by the Rangers, led to a sweep over the weekend. For all the consternation about the struggles of this team, for one night, a feeling of excitement once again swept over Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

I really want this to be the beginning of a great streak.