In an effort to be fair, since I've been very critical of the umpires in games that it hurt Texas, I feel it necessary to bring this point up: The Seattle Mariners got screwed tonight. There's just no other way to describe it.

C.B. Bucknor continued what has become a running series of "ump show" in which Major League umpires seemingly want to be the focal point of baseball. In the top of the 9th inning, Texas was handed the winning run, as Bucknor -- working behind the plate -- called a fictitious balk on Danny Farquhar.

No matter how many times I watch the clip, I can't see at any point where there was a balk. Furthermore, Farquhar wasn't even set. If shaking off your catcher is now considered a balk, then baseball as we know it is about to change.

Then again, to begin the inning, Elvis Andrus was called out on what arguably should have been an infield single as Farquhar hit Andrus in an effort to throw to first base. Bucknor ruled Andrus out for interference, and while Andrus may have ever-so-slightly been in the field of play, the only way Farquhar hits him was by doing so on purpose or throwing so errantly that the ball was nowhere close to the clear line of sight Farquahar had to first base.

So whether we witnessed a make-up call by C.B. Bucknor or the umpire decided he didn't like the Mariners for an inning, it was yet another disgrace to Major League Baseball and yet another umpire proving that in an age of technology, he doesn't want to be left in the dust. Rather, he wants to be recognized.

I feel dirty mentioning that Texas won 4-3, remaining 2.5 games up in the AL West. I just have no more words for what I just saw.