The Rangers Are In Second Place

If the season ended today, this second, the Rangers would be one of the American League's five representatives in the postseason. 

Think about that.

Last night Colby Lewis threw a gem, and tonight Yovani Gallardo navigated through 6 shutout frames, ultimately picking up the 5-3 win for Texas. The win is Texas's 8th in 10 games, and I'm guessing it's the first time since I don't know -- April-something? -- that the Rangers have at least had a share of second place in the AL West. 

When I have some real off-time again (which I'm guessing will be Monday or Tuesday), I'll get further into some of the club's excellent individual performances over the last month-plus, whether it's Rougned Odor or Shin-Soo Choo or Elvis Andrus or Adrian Beltre or Cobra or the bullpen or all the above. 

For now, and perhaps only now, we will go to sleep tonight with Texas as not only a postseason contender, but a postseason team. As I write this the Angels are losing 15-3 to the Blue Jays in the bottom of the 8th, so I'm taking some liberty here in handing the Rangers 2nd place in the West, and as the WC2 so soon. But I just can't help being excited at the moment.